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Clanranald Castle Tioram Trust

The Trust is a charity, founded in 1997 with the primary aim of purchasing Castle Tioram so as to protect and conserve the castle and its surroundings for the public benefit for present and future generations.

Subsequently, the secondary aim will be to carry out the necessary research, survey and conservation work to the walls and internal structures to the highest standard, all as agreed with Historic Scotland.

An integral part of these aims is to ensure public access, as openly as possible, avoiding damage to the castle and its surroundings.

The Trust will promote research on the history of Clanranald, Castle Tioram and the Lordship of the Isles.

Any interpretive centre would be located well away from the Castle to avoid intrusion on its unique setting.

Interpretation will be far-reaching and include various aspects of 500 years of community life; the management of local woodlands; the importance of the Birlinn trade; cultural, musical and educational aspects.

The structure of the Trust will represent Clansmen throughout the world with a strong contingent from the Highland community in Lochaber and especially MacDonalds between Moidart and Mallaig . There will be an experienced executive, including some of the Trustees, with expertise and the relevant disciplines to ensure co-ordination of the plans to purchase, preserve and interpret the Castle and the history of the area. The executive will include internationally recognised experts.

It is hoped to develop close links with the Clan Donald Lands Trust, based in Sleat.

Present state of the Trust (August 2014)

In 1997 the Trust successfully raised the asking price of £100,000 for the castle, but was outbid by Anta Estates, an offshore company that paid over £300,000, and which wishes, in contravention of Historic Scotland's clear view, to reconstruct the castle as a private house.

The Trust continues in existence, ready to play its part in the conservation of the castle should circumstances change. The current Office Bearers are:

Chairman: Tearlach Macfarlane

Company Secretary: Ann Martin

Registered office : 7 New Buildings, Arisaig PH39 4NP.

Scottish Charity no : SC 27121.

Note: It should be noted that the Trust has no connection with the so-called `Friends of Castle Tioram', which was a body set up and controlled by the private owners of the Castle, the offshore company Anta Estates.

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